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Marinated London broil

Marinated London broil I love to make a huge 2 lb or more marinated London Broil once a week for an easy weeknight meal. Slice it up thin to feed the whole family with leftovers for the rest of the weeks lunches. Sides You can pair a marinated London broilRead More →

Mint Chocolate Fat Bombs

Mint Chocolate Fat Bombs are great for your keto diet. These little bites of yum have the classic pairing of Mint and Chocolate but clock in at just under a carb a piece!Read More →


Inspired by Instagram I learned all about reverse searing steaks from my friend on Instagram keto_pek. He kept posting these pictures of delicious New York strip steaks and T bone steaks reverse seared. Steaks with delicious brown and char on the outside with a nice pink and red on theRead More →

MCT Purple Drink Rocket Fuel This Purple Drink will win you over to the MCT oil side of life because its just that good. When I first started Keto I thought that MCT oil was just snakeoil, a hoax. As a result of creating this Purple Drink Starbucks Copycat IRead More →

Keto Bulletproof butterscotch Blondie Jigglers These Keto Bulletproof butterscotch Blondie Jigglers were born from my love of the Butterscotch Blondie Tea. I love to doctor up the tea with Butter, coconut oil, salt and stevia. Keto Bulletproof butterscotch Blondie Jigglers are a great way to get some healthy fats in and areRead More →