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keto Macros

Counting Macros What are macros? How many carbs can I eat in a day? Am I eating too much protein? Is butter a carb? These are all questions I had when I was first starting out eating a ketogenic diet. If you are struggling to figure the whole keto thingRead More →

Keto paleo dairy free pizza

  Keto and paleo pizza three ways Since I have eaten a paleo diet for three years prior to starting keto, I have not had “real” bread or pizza crust in years. For my Keto and paleo pizza crusts I used a premade, grain free, dairy free, gluten free pizzaRead More →

Keto paleo dairy free grain free steak pizza

Dairy Free Mug Bread Keto dairy free cheesy herb mug bread is a delicious and filling low carb snack.  Its hard doing dairy free keto sometimes but sometimes I really enjoy the challenge of making something out of what I have in my cupboards and making it work for myRead More →

I drink a dairy free, paleo, keto, turmeric Latte every morning for joint and autoimmune health. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory wonder. Turmeric helps my autoimmune by suppressing the symptoms and reducing inflammation. Some people say that turmeric and ginger can also help with weight loss. It is very important whenRead More →

Marinated London broil

Marinated London broil I love to make a huge 2 lb or more marinated London Broil once a week for an easy weeknight meal. Slice it up thin to feed the whole family with leftovers for the rest of the weeks lunches. Sides You can pair a marinated London broilRead More →