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Keto Essentials : Make your life easier huh!?

 When I started my keto life I was not sure what I needed to purchase. I had a lot of things already from my paleo day’s still sitting in my pantry. Here are a few of the Keto essentials for my house. Because I live in a small town in Western North Dakota and it is hard at times to find products. I use Amazon or Vitacost to order most of my Keto essentials that I can’t find locally. I have used a few subscription services to curate my keto snacking and I have included them below. Here are a few of my favorite things.

keto essentials

Pantry Items

Kiss my Keto MCT oil

First of all, I just love this stuff. It comes in a glass bottle that comes with a pump so there is no mess. Kiss my keto MCT oil makes me feel like I drank rocket fuel, so much energy! The capsules are great to take with me to work and mix into a fatty tea or bulletproof coffee. I LOVE the kiss my keto c-8/c-10 liquic MCT in the pump bottle because it is so easy to measure. Basically its super high quality MCT that you have to try out.

The readers of Omg Keto Yum receive 10% off Kiss My Keto MCT oil when you use the coupon code OMGKETOKMK10

Keto Essentials

The readers of Omg Keto Yum receive 10% off Kiss My Keto MCT oil when you use the coupon code OMGKETOKMK10

Alterna Sweets

I love these sauces by Alterna Sweets. The Spicy Ketchup and BBQ sauces are so good. They are sweetened with stevia. There are barely any ingredients on the label. Also if you enter OMGKETOYUM at the checkout you get 5% off!

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is a grass fed, grass finished meat subscription service. They proudly ship to the entire United States. Butcher Box is not just beef though. You can get mixed boxes with Chicken, lamb and pork! Currently there is an offering for free two lbs of grass fed grass finished beef for the life of your butcher box subscription.

The Keto Box

The Keto box is another great subscription service for those who live in rural areas or just don’t have time to track down all the snacks at the grocery store. This is a monthly curated box of Keto snacks sent right to your door. I love the Keto box because I get to try all of the keto treats that I can’t find locally. Every month The Keto Box includes coupons for the items that they put in their boxes. USE CODE OMGKETOYUM at check out to sate 15%!

Swerve Sweetener

Swerve is great for baking, marinades and pretty much every everything. This is totally a Keto essentialsI! It comes granulated or powdered. Once you get used to the “cooling effect” it’s amazing. Swerve is made from erythritol which has little to no effect on blood sugar.


My favorite stevia is sweet leaf sweet drops with vanilla. I am totally a vanilla girl and this gets it done. Its delicious in teas or coconut milk pudding. This is quality stuff. I have tried other brands of stevia and Sweet Drops is the best in my opinion.

Sugar free Torani syrup

Like I said, vanilla is totally my thing. These syrups are delicious. Sugar free Torani syrups are great in teas or coffee. I have the vanilla, salted caramel and s’mores at home. Vanilla is still my favorite.

Coconut Oil

I put Coconut oil in my tea and cook with it. I love the Nutiva brand coconut oil. Nutiva makes one that is butter flavored too which is delicious. MCT oil is derived from Coconut Oil. If you are out of MCT oil just use coconut oil. It is not the same thing however its similar. You can also use Coconut oil as lotion or hair treatments.

Coconut Aminos

I use this soy free soy sauce alternative in marinades and stir frys. Try Coconut Aminos with Cauliflower fried rice or my Ketchup Chicken .

Coconut Butter

Try it alone or in my Orange Creamsicle Fat bomb recipe or my Chocolate Mint Fat Bombs. Its creamy and a bit savory and full of healthy fats. I basically eat all the parts of the coconut processed into different parts for different uses.

Coconut Flour

This is an essential if you want to do any amount of keto/ paleo baking. Coconut flour requires a lot of eggs in order to bake properly. It takes some getting used to but its worth it. I use Coconut Flour and Almond flour in my Keto Birthday Cake recipe.

Almond Flour

This flour is a bit more carby than coconut flour however Almond Flour does not take as much eggs as coconut flour. I think that Almond flour has a better flavor than Coconut flour. Almond Flour is essential when doing any keto baking.

Tazo Desert delights tea

I drink these tea’s all the time with coconut milk, stevia and coconut oil. The Butterscotch Blondie is my favorite. I used Butterscotch Blondie for the base of my Butterscotch Blondie Bulletproof Jigglers recipe.

Himalayan sea salt

Salt is so important when you are eating a keto diet because salt helps your body retain electrolytes and use them properly. I use Himalayan Sea salt to make Sole water and season my food. Sometimes I just eat a pinch of pink salt for an energy boost.

Kitchen Equipment

I have gathered a great selection of Keto essentials that are not pantry items. These items are great because you can use them for everyday life. Cooking food from home using whole foods is the way I like to live my keto life.


First of all if you like coffee and you are doing keto, you need a frother. This is a must have for making Bulletproof Coffees and teas. Use a frother to make fatty teas all the time. I take mine to work with me because it came with a travel sleeve. I recommend getting one of these right away because, Coffee!

Lodge cast iron

This is easily the most used appliance in my house. I have three cast iron pans. Two lodge 12 inch and one huge cast iron that my mother in law gave me. They are easy to maintain and clean mainly due to the materiel that they are made of. Lodge is a great affordable brand that will hold up. This is a must have when reverse searing all those steaks your going to eat. Cast irons are very versatile and can be used while camping or cooking in your kitchen at home.

Splatter cover

Unless you like to clean bacon grease off the stove get one of these. I purchased one with a plastic coating that I melted with the first use. I have since upgraded to one just like the one linked below. Splatter covers are great when you are cooking a steak or chicken thighs on the stove top. Save yourself the cleanup and get one of these.

Immersion Blender

An Immersion blender is great to have in the kitchen. I use mine to make home made mayonnaise and soups. I also use my Immersion blender to blend up all natural peanut butter when it separates.

Digital Meat thermometer

A digital instant read or probe thermometer is essential when you are cooking meat. I use this one. This is a great thing to have in the kitchen when you are cooking roasts or reverse searing steaks because you need to get your meat to an exact temperature before searing it in your cast iron.

Food Scale

When talking about Keto essentials you can’t make much without a cooking scale. Most of my recipes involve weight measurements. It is easier to look up the nutrition information when you use a food scale. I use a food scale to cook and count my food macros.  This is essential if you are counting macros. Weighing food seems much more accurate than measuring cups to me.

Klean Kanteen

Now water bottles are not exactly Keto essentials however I have used my Klean Kanteen every day for about 5 years. I have multiple Kleen Kanteens that I use for different things. The insulated 32 oz is the one I use the most because I make my fatty teas at work in it. Klean Kanteen originates from my hometown Chico California. They are a great company with quality products.

Food Processor

This is not a must have but it is more of a nice to have item. I purchased my Hamiltion Beach food processor 5 years ago and its still running strong. No Kitchen is complete without Keto essentials such as a food processor because of their many uses in the kitchen.I use it to make Pecan butter, Birthday Cake and fat bombs! This is irreplaceable in my kitchen.

Instant Pot : Electric Pressure Cookier

This is another not a must have but more of a nice to have kitchen appliance due to the versatility found with an Electric Pressure Cooker. I use mine to cook frozen chicken thighs, still frozen, in under an hour. I also make pot roasts and use it to steam vegetables.

Keto Essentials


  1. This is a great list! I am not doing Keto but we are eating clean again now so I’ll pop most of these on the list! Thank you 🙂

  2. What a detailed list, thank you. I have been looking at Keto for awhile & had success on it a couple of years ago.

  3. I love coconut oil and oilive oils. Keto does confuse me abit. I do understand cutting of carbs to a degree, but completely is abit hard for me. But from the results of others it sems to work. great list.

    1. Author

      Thanks! I’m sorry your struggling with Keto – if you need advice feel free to hit me up

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