Full Day of Eating Keto

What I ate today edition 4 When I started this way of eating I enjoyed the posts where people wrote all about what they ate in a full day of keto eating. I hope that this helps others in their keto paleo meal planning. Recipe testing This is a logRead More →

Full Day of Eating Keto

What I ate today: Full Day of Eating 2nd edition Hello, Welcome to my Second “Full Day of Eating” ! You can view last weeks post here: Full day of eating 1st edition   I have been playing around with my macros lately and really upping the fats. I haveRead More →

keto Macros

Counting Macros What are macros? How many carbs can I eat in a day? Am I eating too much protein? Is butter a carb? These are all questions I had when I was first starting out eating a ketogenic diet. If you are struggling to figure the whole keto thingRead More →