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What I ate today: Full Day of Eating 2nd edition

What I ate today: Full Day of Eating 2nd edition

Hello, Welcome to my Second “Full Day of Eating” !

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I have been playing around with my macros lately and really upping the fats. I have been trying to keep my fats in the 78-80% range. My carbs have been low but today I went a little high with 13 carbs. I also am trying to reintegrate butter. I might have gone a little overboard with the butter though if that’s something you can do. It was simple day for me where I hoarded all of my proteins until dinner.



Turmeric Latte with 2.5 tbs coconut oil and 240 ml of coconut almond milk.

Macros: Calories – 380 – Carb 3.4 – fat – 39.1 – Protein 1.6


Tazo Butterscotch Blondie tea with 1.5 Tbs butter and 40 ml Coconut Almond Milk

Strawberry coconut Chia seed pudding

Macros: Calories – 157 – .Carb .1 – fat – 17.1 – Protein .2


8.5 oz London Broil steak

Tazo Lemon Loaf Tea with 1.5 tbs of coconut oil and a splash of almond milk

Macros:  Calories – 806 Carbs – 0 Fat – 60.2 – Protein 51

Total Macros for the day: Calories 1617 – Carbs 13 – Fat 140 – Protein 60

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