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What I ate today: Day of eating 1st edition

I am hoping to make this a weekly post over here at Omg Keto Yum. When I started eating Keto I found “day of eating” posts very helpful. I hope that mine is helpful also. So here it is, what I ate today. A whole day of eating!


omg keto yum full day of eating


For breakfast I usually make myself a Turmeric Latte.  Turmeric helps my autoimmune by suppressing the symptoms and reducing inflammation. Some people say that turmeric and ginger can also help with weight loss. I did not eat any fat bombs, but I ate half a slice of Olive Oil Cake.

Total Breakfast Macros:

Calories : 500 – Carb: 2.5 – Fat: 52.1 – Protein: 3.8

Turmeric LatteOlive oil cake


Today I tested out a new recipe that is not published on my blog yet. It was delicious! I am currently calling it “Chinese ketchup experiment“. I ate half of it and saved the rest for tomorrow’s lunch. This meal was a little more carb heavy than what I usually eat but it was worth it.

Update: I posted the recipe here for Chinese Ketchup Chicken, check it out!


Total Lunch Macros:

Calories: 344 –  Carbs: 4.5  – Fat: 20.2  – Protein: 32.7


keto Chinese food


I ate my dinner at work. It was a bowl of ground turkey seasoned with taco seasonings and half an avocado. I also had two sugar free jello parfaits and a fatty tea. Butterscotch Blondie tea, coconut milk and 1.5 tbs of coconut oil.

Total Dinner Macros:

Calories: 624 – Carb: 1.8 – Fat: 54.4 –  Protein: 31.8

ground turkey and avocado

Daily Macro Break down

Calories: 1493

Fat: 127g (78%)

Carb: 10g (3%)

Protein: 70g (19%)

omg keto yum macros full day of eating

It was a good day. I hit all my macro goals and I ate delicious food. Who does not appreciate eating cake and a latte for breakfast and Chinese and Mexican food after that right?


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