Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmef OMG KETO YUM

Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmeg

Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmeg

This is a classic flavor pairing that will please almost anybody.  A co-worker suggested I try to season my spinach with nutmeg and I thought the brown butter would be a nice addition to the flavor profile. The browned butter adds a lot of extra flavor to this dish as well as healthy fats to help fuel your day. I hope you and your family enjoy this dish as much as I did.

This side dish is paired with a reverse seared Tri-Tip. If you have never tried a reverse sear now is a great time to try it out. This also would pair well with a marinated London Broil Steak. Check out my roasted chicken drumsticks for a quick weeknight meal and serve it alongside this Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmeg.

Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmeg OMG KETO YUM


142 g Baby Spinach
28 g Butter
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
pinch of salt to taste


In a cast iron skillet set at medium heat, melt the butter.
Stir the butter as it starts to bubble and caramelize. The butter will turn caramel colored and start to smell different.

OMG KETO YUM Spinach with Browned Butter and Nutmeg

Once the butter is browned (3-5 minutes) add the nutmeg and stir.
Turn off the heat and remove skillet from heat.
Add the spinach and toss the brown butter over the spinach. Stir until just wilted and serve immediately. Season with salt of desired.

omg keto yum spinach with nutmeg

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