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You will win the weeknight dinner game with this delicious seasoned chicken drumstick recipe.  I have used this same seasoning blend on chicken thighs and the whole chickens too. Leave the skin on for extra fats for your ketogenic diet. This recipe is family friendly and quick. You can makeRead More →

I love fried rice. Fried rice does not love me back. The rice causes inflammation in my joints and leaves me feeling too full and groggy. It is never worth it to eat the rice. This recipe uses finely chopped cauliflower that is seasoned like fried rice. My family happilyRead More →

keto Chinese

 Chinese Ketchup Chicken – Keto, Sugar Free, Low carb Who does not love Chinese food? I mean the American style Chinese food that is basically a sweet and salty sugar bomb. I do keto to heal my autoimmune (RA) so sugar is a no no unless I want joint pain.Read More →

Full Day of Eating Keto

What I ate today: Full Day of Eating 2nd edition Hello, Welcome to my Second “Full Day of Eating” ! You can view last weeks post here: Full day of eating 1st edition   I have been playing around with my macros lately and really upping the fats. I haveRead More →