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Sweet and Salty Green Beans

Sweet and Salty Green Beans My daughter and I devoured this dish last night and I hope you enjoy it too. The not so secret ingredients are  fish sauce and the erythritiol. It is an Asian style side dish but it can pair with anything. Fish Sauce Have you everRead More →

Keto No Bake Cookies

Check this super easy recipe and nutritious keto sugar free Keto No Bake Cookies The macros are perfect for a keto diet. Grab and go to fuel your body with clean burning MCT oil and coconut oil with a bit of protein.Read More →

Omg Keto yum roasted radishes Keto potatoes

Do you ever miss potatoes? They’re so ingrained into the standard American diet and so hard to quit. Potatoes are delicious and filled with carbohydrates which hurt my body so I broke up with them and I am considering a restraining order. This may sound crazy but have you triedRead More →

Full Day of Eating Keto

What I Ate Today: Full Day of Eating 3rd Edition Are you ready for my third full day of eating post? Well here it comes. If you want to catch up on previous full day’s of eating posts you can view them here: Full Day of Eating: 1st Edition 2ndRead More →

Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmef OMG KETO YUM

Browned Butter Spinach with Nutmeg This is a classic flavor pairing that will please almost anybody.  A co-worker suggested I try to season my spinach with nutmeg and I thought the brown butter would be a nice addition to the flavor profile. The browned butter adds a lot of extraRead More →