Keto vegetable sides

5 Keto Vegetable Side Dishes: Easy, Low Carb and Delicious

5 Keto Vegetable Side Dishes: Easy, Low Carb and Delicious

5 Keto Vegetable Sides

I love a good steak, who doesn’t right? I have tried the whole carnivore diet thing and I was not totally sold. Keto Carnivore style feels great however I missed my vegetables. I have compiled 5 Keto Vegetable Sides to enhance your steak dinners.

Roasted Radishes (Keto Potatoes!)

First up on the 5 Keto Vegetable dishes list are Roasted Radishes. Radishes absorb flavors just like potatoes. They’re great roasted with a bit of salt and pepper or some fresh herbs. This side dish pairs well with anything due to the versatility of the vegetable. . I paired my roasted radishes tonight with a sirloin steak. Try my roasted radishes alongside my roasted chicken or alone tonight.

Roasted Radishes (Keto potatoes)

Roasted Bok Choy

Next up is Roasted Bok Choy. A 100g serving of Bok Choy contains 1 net carbohydrate and 13 calories. Bok Choy is certainly worth another look when you are at the grocery store.  Bok Choy tastes similar to Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage. In fact Bok Choy is in the cabbage family. For hundreds of years people have been using Bok Choy to make Kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage. Try this out alongside one of my low carb keto Chinese food main dishes like Salty and Sweet Chicken, or Chinese Ketchup Chicken.

Roasted Bok Choy omg keto yum paleo

Salty and Sweet Green Beans

Next on the 5 Keto Vegetable dishes list are Green Beans with an Asian twist,  Salty and Sweet Green Beans. Pair this recipe with Roasted Chicken DrummiesKetchup Chicken or Fried Caulifower rice. A good steak is always a great option anytime.

Omg Keto yum sweet and salty green beans low carb lchf paleo keto

Keto Cole Slaw

I was inspired to create Keto Coleslaw after having some similar in a restaurant on the Oregon coast. It was a simple coleslaw with cilantro and vinegar. I am pretty sure there was some sugar in the dressing however I did not add it to this recipe.  The Coleslaw from the restaurant was so good paired with my Dungeneous Crab. I loved how light and crisp the coleslaw was even if it was not exactly low carb with the added sugar. For this recipe I used liquid Stevia and apple cider vinegar with a pinch of ground mustard seed instead of the usual sugar and mayo route.

Keto Coleslaw omg keto yum

Cauliflower Fried Rice

The last Keto Vegetable Side dish I want to share with you is the Cauliflower Fried Rice. I love fried rice but
be that as it may, fried rice does not love me back. Rice causes inflammation in my joints and leaves me feeling too full and groggy. For this reason it is never worth it to eat real rice. This recipe uses finely chopped cauliflower that is seasoned just like fried rice. My family happily eats cauliflower rice all the time in the place of normal rice. I use green giant frozen pre-chopped cauliflower for speed and ease of clean up.

Pair this delicious keto recipe with a marinated London Broil or Chinese Ketchup Chicken. Don’t forget to check out my Keto Chinese roundup here!

Cauliflower Fried Rice - Keto, low carb, Paleo

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