OMg kETO YUM 6 must try fat bombs

6 Must Try Fat Bombs

Fat bombs!

To a non Keto person that sounds terrifying! First of all the very name is scary, the word fat has been so demonized in the standard American diet. Fat is good for you – if it’s the right fat. Use coconut oil, butter or MCT oil in your fat bombs to feed your body right.


Fat bombs are great for an energy pick me up. When you Keto your body converts the fat into keytones and you use the keytones for energy. I like to have a few fat bombs for breakfast or in the afternoon.

Salted Chocolate PB-2 Fat Bombs

These are my go to Fat Bombs. I make thirst weekly for myself and my friends. My non-Keto friends love them too. I used PB-2 to maximize the flavor without maximizing the calories.

Keto No Bake Cookie Bites

I am obsessed with these. Keto no bake cookie bites work great for breakfast.

I used MCT oil so you will get some instantly accessible fat to burn for energy. The hemp hearts provide a bit of protein to get you going for the day. The coconut adds a crunch- they’re amazing – go – make- them!

Bulletproof Butterscotch Blondie Jigglers

These fat bombs are a modification of a fatty tea I make in the afternoons, gelatinized. This bomb is a nice change of pace and they can be stored in the refrigerator.

Orange Creamsicle Fat Bombs

These are just dreamy. They are light and creamy. Chocolate is delicious but sometimes I don’t want a chocolate fat bomb and I make these.

Chocolate Orange Almond Fat Bombs

There are a few more steps in this bomb rescind but they flavor payoff makes it worth it. Almonds, oranges and chocolate? Sugar free? Oh yes.

Mint Chocolate Fat Bombs

They’re chocolate and minty and easy. I used coconut butter and coconut milk with mint extract for the minty middle.

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